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105.25 LHD 18-02-19
Chassis Touring Engine Exterior color Interior color Car condition Production 1st registration 1st registration Current Country
number number AR502* date date place* of residence
755024 16523 grigio ? ? Denmark
755051 bluette black to be restored Switzerland Switzerland
755080 rosso Alfa black unknown 3-Feb-1965 24-Feb-1965 Switzerland Switzerland
755103 unknown 27-Oct-1964 Seattle USA USA
755153 rosso Alfa black very good 12-Jan-1965 1-Jan-1966 Italy Belgium
755175 verde scuro beige/tan very good 12-Jan-1965 Italy Italy
755177 rosso Alfa black good 28-Apr-1966 19-May-1965? Germany Germany
755208 16705 13177 grigio beige/tan good France France
755237 16733 12001 rosso Alfa black very good 8-Feb-1965 1-Jul-1965 Italy Netherlands
755238 rosso Alfa black very good 4-Feb-1965 16-Jul-1965 Italy France
755242 rosso Alfa grey very good 4-Feb-1965 Italy Italy
755320 biancospino black very good 15-Feb-1965 9-Apr-1965 Germany Germany
755342 16837 rosso Alfa black restored 1-Jan-1965 Italy Italy
755373 16870 azzurro spazio brown very good Italy Denmark
755420 16919 rosso Alfa black good 14-May-1965 18-May-1905 Belgium
755428 rosso Alfa black unknown 16-May-1965 19-May-1965 Austria Austria
744490 16987 rosso Alfa black restored Italy Itali
755529 17075 verde muschio beige very good 30-Apr-1965 31-May-1965 Belgium Belgium
755536 17082 16179 rosso Alfa black restored 14-Jul-1965 Berlin,Germany Italy
755573 blue beige/tan very good 23-Nov-1965 1-Jul-1966 Belgium ?
755577 rosso Alfa black very good 26-Nov-1965 24-Dec-1965 France Luxembourg
755637 17184 rosso Alfa black very goord 1-Sep-1965 Italy ?
755645 17691 blue olandese red restored 1-Jul-1965 Rome Italy Texas
755684 biancospino red restored Arizona, USA ? Arizona,USA?
755702 bluette black unknown 26-Nov-1965 30-Nov-1965 France
755761 rosso Alfa black restored 1-Feb-1966 Italy Italy
755777 18124 22607 rosso Alfa black restored 13-May-1966 19-5-1965? Switzerland USA
755793 rosso Alfa black very good 26-Apr-1966 1-Jun-1966 Germany Switzerland
755850 biancospino red restored Chili? Chili
105.29 RHD
760025 17273 rosso Alfa black restored UK Italy?
760028 bianco spino black restored UK UK
760043 17291 76527? rosso Alfa black restored 23-Jun-1965 17-Feb-1966 London, UK England
760049 ? ? to be restored Danmark
760053 17627 ? ? to be restored England
760082 17530 blue celeste to be restored Australia Australia

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