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LISTED ALFA ROMEO GIULIA GTC’S 19-01-17 To be completed !
105.25 LHD
Chassis Touring Engine* Exterior Interior Condition Production 1st registration 1st registration Current Country
number number AR502* date date place* of residence
755080 rosso Alfa black unknown 3-Feb-1965 24-Feb-1965 Switzerland Switzerland
755103 unknown 27-Oct-1964 Seattle USA USA
755149 16646 12445 biancospino black good, restored 5-Jul-1965 1-Jul-1965 Germany Germany
755153 rosso Alfa black very good 12-Jan-1965 1-Jan-1966 Italy Belgium
755175 verde scuro beige/tan very good 12-Jan-1965 Italy Italy
755177 rosso Alfa black good 28-Apr-1966 19-5-1965? Germany Germany
755237 16733 12001 rosso Alfa black very good 8-Feb-1965 1-Jul-1965 Italy Netherlands
755238 rosso Alfa black very good 4-Feb-1965 16-Jul-1965 Italy France
755242 rosso Alfa grey very good 4-Feb-1965 Italy Italy
755300 16793 grigio grey very good 17-Feb-1965 24-Feb-1965 France
755320 biancospino black very good 15-Feb-1965 9-Apr-1965 Germany Germany
755361 verde muschio black ? 31-Mar-1965 Switzerland ?
755420 16919 rosso Alfa black good 14-May-1965 18-May-1905 Belgium
755428 rosso Alfa black unknown 16-May-1965 19-May-1965 Austria Austria
755492 biancospino red very good ? Italy
755573 blue beige/tan very good 23-Nov-1965 1-Jul-1966 Belgium ?
755577 rosso Alfa black very good 26-Nov-1965 24-Dec-1965 France Luxembourg
755605 17151 to be restored 10-Jun-1965 Paris,France Germany
755637 17184 rosso Alfa black very goord 1-Sep-1965 Italy ?
755645 17691 blue olandese red restored 1-Jul-1965 Rome Italy Texas
755702 bluette black unknown 26-Nov-1965 30-Nov-1965 France
755777 rosso Alfa black good 13-May-1966 19-5-1965? Switzerland USA
755793 rosso Alfa black very good 26-Apr-1966 1-Jun-1966 Germany Switzerland
105.29 RHD
760059 verde muschio? red to be restored 29-Nov-1965 30-Nov-1965 London, UK Germany/Italy?

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